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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2006|07:02 pm]

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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2006|11:40 am]

It wasn't the type of bar you went to if you wanted to drink. It was the type of place you went to in order to find work. Dingy, poorly lit, tables and chairs strewn around the hardwood flooring in a seemingly random pattern. It looked like the kind of place that you might see in a bad spy movie. The second floor was where you went if you wanted work. There was always someone milling around up there, waiting for someone desperate enough to take whatever job they had to give - mostly illegial. The bar didn't have a name, really, It was just "the bar". No one exactly noticed when a man in a long trench coat and cowboy hat entered the room, a hat on his head - face towards the floor. He was short and scrawny. He looked like he'd never eaten a decent meal in his life. The only thing that set him apart in this crowd was his clothes. Simple, but expensive. He made his way to the second floor, took a seat in the far corner, and started shuffling a deck of cards.
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Welcome to Browncoats_Inc! [Sep. 26th, 2006|12:10 pm]

As the subject title says, welcome to Browncoats_Inc! This is an online Firefly/Serenity Role Playing Game using the rules and regulations laid down by the official Serenity Role Playing Game book by the same name, writen by Jamie Chambers.


If you either don't know the rules set down for character development, or you don't know what the RP needs at the moment (or if you have a question about playing a type of character not accepted in all RPs... Companion, Reader, Fed, ect) please contact me (Kring) on my private Live Journal page, and I will be happy to tell you what is needed, and what is allowed here at Browncoats_Inc.

-----General ettiquite

First of all, we ask that In Character and Out Of Character things be kept seperate. If you have a fight with another player Out Of Character, please keep it Out Of Character. We also ask that personal matters be kept off the boards as much as possible. We normally wouldn't ask this of you, but since Live Journal doesn't allow us an Out Of Character board to hook up to this board, we don't want things getting mixed up and muddled between in and out of character. If you must make an Out of Character post, please label it as OOC, or Out of Character. Also, we only allow one post per day (except pure conversation posts, which there is no limit to) so no one gets left too far behind. Remember, many of us are in college, and thus don't have the time for such things as we used to. Also, no posting on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, so our poor moderater can have a break on occasion to re-work the story in his head (and possibly with some bored freinds and reletives) so nothing gets too hectic.

-----The Ship

There is no ship! Well, not yet anyway. This part is certainly subject to change, but, for now, the crew starts without a ship. In fact, they havn't even met yet. Unless one or two characters have a past meeting in their histories. But that's not up to me. That's up to all you wonderful Character Designers out there.

-----Starting location

We'll be starting on the moon "Thermopylae"

It's not in the RPG book, so don't bother looking. Thermopylae is a reletively new rim-moon near Athens. Though new, Thermopylae is already proving itself as a bustling little world. Not for it's agricultral or mining aspects, but because of the absurdly high crime rates. Law enforcement in nill, which brings all sorts of people to Thermopylae. Either hiring on to local law enforcement, joining a criminal band, or perhaps hiring into one of the private security firms that have sprung up in the cities. If you need a job, Thermopylae's the right place to find one. At least if you know where to look.


If you disagree with anything I've said in this, please contact me in my private Live Journal, so we can settle any disputes. Thanks.
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